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Anyone who’s followed Team Wild TV will know that the NiteSite NS200 has been a mainstay hunting accessory, used by the guys around the globe. It’s been an invaluable tool in plinking pesky rats, rabbits, and foxes, whilst also showing its mettle in illuminating Texan hogs, coyotes, beavers, and even a Texan Black Buck in broad daylight! Day or night, NiteSite have proved time and again that when you’re using their kit out in the field, you’re practically guaranteed to take your quarry down!

Now is a time of new innovation for the company, in its introduction of the first of three brand new NiteSite units, the NiteSite Viper.

Designed to be the most affordable, lightweight night vision product on the market, the Viper is the ultimate tool for short range shooting at night, and works in zero ambient light. Keith Anderson puts the Viper to the test!