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If rabbiting, foxing and plinking pigeons is your thing, then having the ultimate night vision hunting gear is a must. We take an depth look into the brand new NiteSite Wolf and review.

Welcome to another episode of NiteSite TV. Home to all the best night vision hunting videos on the net today!

This 60-second add-on to your existing days scope delivers high quality, clear night vision with an identification range of up to 300 metres, making night vision hunting easier than it has ever been. The NiteSite Wolf is a versatile night vision tool for ranges of up to 300m, perfect for mid range strikes and the hunter who wants to go that little bit further. The Wolf can be used for rabbits and rats with an airgun or rimfire at short strike range and then be swapped onto your larger calibre rifle to tackle that elusive fox at longer ranges. A truly versatile system!

Keith Anderson puts the Wolf to the test!