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Richard Saunders from Airgun Magazine reviewed four night vision scopes and we are happy to report that the Nitesite Wolf Rtek came out on top. You can read the review below:

The NitSite Wolf RTEK is the first of our products to attach to your day scope. It has an SRP of £799, though a version without audio/video recording capability is £200 less. Sitting between the company’s Viper and Eagle products, the Wolf RTEK gives an in-the-dark range of 300 metres – very  useful for spotting rabbits and planning to stalk them.

The Wolf RTEK comes in a hard plastic case. Cosseted by foam, the components consist of a combined infrared beamer and 3.5-inch viewing screen, a camera/recording unit, a couple of rubber tubes and plastic attachments, and a battery and charger. A 4GB micro SD card reader are also included.

Set-up only takes a minute or two. The IR beamer/screen is attached on top of the scope with one of the plastic ring attachements and the camera/ recording unit fixes to the ocular lens with one of the two rubber tubes. The battery is held in place with a velcro strap and a couple of leads connect everything up.

Unlike the other products on test, the Wolf RTEK requires a heads-up shooting position and some kind of support, be it your lap, a bipod or sticks. It sounds awkward, but soon feels natural.



“The Wolf RTEK is the most user-friendly NV solution. It may not have as many recording options as the others, but it gives you everything you need to hunt at night”