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The NiteSite Eye Relief Adjuster is lightweight and robust in design. The Eye Relief Adjuster connects...

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The Rail Mount Adaptor has been designed to connect your NiteSite illuminator to a picatinny or weaver rail!

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Matt, Optical Armoury, on an evening shoot at the horse paddocks to clear more pesky rabbits causing damage to fields. Matt is using a cz455 .22lr, hawke sidewinder 4-16×50, ViperRTEK and the new wildcat whisper moderator.

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Do you want the optimum stealth provided by a cutting edge night vision kit that’s easy to use? Matt Manning, from The Airgun Show, has got the Wolf RTEK on test, proving it’s a cinch to use!

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Night shooting season is in full swing, and Mat is out shooting nocturnal rats with the NiteSite WolfRTEK. Heavy rain forces Mat Manning to base his foray inside the farm buildings, where he picks off unsuspecting rodents with his night vision set-up.

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We are out with the Texans sorting out one of their toughest vermin: beavers. It’s a job for an airgun mounted with a NiteSite. The beaver is little known by the public in Texas, but is a major damaging species in the state. Since the reintroduction of the species...

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Si & Davy of VerminHuntersTV take the Wolf RTEK and Mountable Rangefinder on test at night.

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Protea Cricket player Quinton de Kock and Matt Dubber of AirArmsHuntingSA are on the hunt for an elusive bush pig. Their weapons of choice the FX Royale Arrow Gun and the EagleRTEK

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Si and Davy of VerminHuntersTV putting the Viper RTEK and the Mountale Rangerfinder to good use during the day attached to the Brocock Compatto testing them in a field environment.

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Mat Manning is out hunting with the neat new night vision setup tonight – the NiteSite Wolf RTEK. Conditions are far from perfect, and the rabbits are twitchy, but Mat Manning makes the most of the WolfRTEK unit to bag some bunnies for the camera.

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