The all-new NiteSite Eagle

Fri Sep 4, 2015

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If rabbiting, foxing and plinking pigeons is your thing, then having the ultimate night vision hunting gear is a must.

We take an depth look into the brand new NiteSite Eagle and review. Welcome to another episode of NiteSite TV. Home to all the best night vision hunting videos on the net today!

The NiteSite Eagle is the product designed for night-time hunting without limitations. Its identification range of up to 500 metres is thanks to its innovative 5 infrared LEDs that give the hunter an almost unfair advantage, making the NiteSite Eagle perfect for long-range strikes. NiteSite night vision systems utilise infrared in a way that makes them more affordable, reliable and user friendly than many of the other light amplification technologies.

A winner in the eyes of Team Wild! Now, let's go get some charlies!