Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find some of the most commonly asked questions. Our customer service team are always happy to help and answer any questions you may have so if you don't find the answers you are looking for here please ask one of our experts.

Which scopes work best with NiteSite products?

Our range of scope mounted products will easily fit on 99% of scopes, however we do state that range is subject to optics and weather conditions.

The most effective scope's usually meet the following criteria:

  • Adjustable parallax/focus
  • Start at lower magnification
  • Have a large objective lens to allow light in
  • Designed without filters or coatings that interfere with light.

This being said, many scopes that don't meet this criteria can still work well and effectively with our products, despite the fact that they may not be reaching optimum performance levels. For further and more detailed information on this, please feel free to email

What happens if my NiteSite is faulty?

With the exclusion of our lithium ion batteries, all of our products come with a full two year warranty. Our lithium ion batteries come with a one year warranty.

If the product has been used in accordance with our operating instructions, all units that are under warranty will be repaired free of charge. We are also able to repair units that are not covered by warranty, however a charge will be incurred for this service. Please feel free to email, should you wish to book your unit in for repair.

How do I focus my camera?

Our latest RTEK range of products comes with an external fast focus wheel on the camera.

As for our other product ranges, simply put your finger on the abrasive ring of the camera and twist it to adjust focus. Turning clockwise increases the distance of the focal point, and turning anti-clockwise decreases it.

Will the recoil from higher calibre rifles affect my NiteSite?

All of our scope mounted products have been thoroughly tested on .50 calibre rifles. Recoil will not be an issue so long as you use the Anti-Recoil Clamp provided in your kit.

Will I have to re-zero my rifle?

No. NiteSite is an accessory carefully designed to be quickly added or removed from your rifle scope at your leisure, in less than two minutes.

What happens if it rains while I'm using my NiteSite?

Much like most rifles and scopes, all of our products are water resistant. Light showers will not damage your unit. This being said, we do not recommend that you continue to use any of our products if caught in heavy rain, as they are water resistant, and not waterproof.

How do I record using my NiteSite?

Our latest RTEK range of products come with integral recording, and remote sharing via built in Wi-Fi. A simple field friendly record button is pressed to both begin and end recordings, which can be saved on to the retractable 4GB micro SD card provided in your kit.

This camera is compatible with any other Micro SD Card, should you wish to upgrade your storage space. As for our other product ranges, you will need a NiteSite Recording Cable Kit to link our product to your external recording device (providing your external recording device has an AV input socket). Once linked, follow the recording instructions on your external recording device.

How do I reduce the light coming from my screen?

Our latest RTEK range of products come with a dimmable LCD screen. This enables the screens backlight brightness to be physically adjusted, depending on both ambient light conditions, and personal preferences.

All of our other products come with a packet of Anti-Glare filters, which will reduce the glare emitting from your LCD screen by up to 94%. These come with instructions for use.